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Pole Vault Atlanta

PV-ATL Emory Track and Field /Coach Cailen
REM•NANT: (noun) the part of something that is left when the other parts are gone.
The body’s ability to heal is far greater then what they have permitted you to believe. Crossfit Remnant symbolizes the perfect fit for Dr. Wells as she views health in the same way. Dr. Wells often times see’s the last resort patients, those who have tried everything, and everything has failed them. She believes there is still hope, there is still healing that will take place, there is still a remnant!

The Top 3 Things to do to Avoid Pains and Fatigue On Your Motorcycle Ride

Riding your motorcycle is fun, but when you ride for longer periods of time, your body will start protesting. At least, that is the case for many bikers. Let me help you resolve these issues because getting there is all the fun!           Recovery Floss   Wrap the area […]

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Book Dr. Wells to speak

Book Dr. Wells to speak

Dr. Wells is currently booking speaking engagements for 2016. Dr. Wells recently spoke at the Fernbank Museum with her message “Breaking all odds” an inspirational message. Please contact Lori Allen at

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The Top 3 Mistakes That Will Cost You A College Scholarship

  THE TOP 3 MISTAKES THAT WILL COST YOU A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP.   Athletes are consistently reaching to new heights in their sport. With each passing year, new records are shattered and the human body is pushed to its limits. Everyday athletes follow suit by pushing themselves […]

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Letting go…

Letting go was and is the hardest lesson for me to learn. I’m so passionate about everything I do in my life, letting go just isn’t something I enjoy doing. Have you ever had to let go of something you kept holding onto? Was it so hard to […]

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I’m ticked off with Lyme’s Disease

    That’s right i’m ticked off with Lyme’s Disease. My nephew suffers from Lyme’s disease. Here’s a kid that was not able to have a normal childhood because the devastating effects that Lyme’s disease caused. He had no social life because Lyme’s disease completely shuts down […]

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Key lime popsicle recipe

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Guess what my 89 year old grandma did…

She did a BURPEE! If you have never heard of a burpee it is a gymnastics movement in Crossfit that requires you to start from a standing position drop to the floor do a push-up then stand back up and jump with your hands above your head! […]

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Got tooth sensitivity?

How to use essential oils in your everyday life style watch full video here.     -TheXFitDoc

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Filling the hole in your heart

  I remember vividly, it was St. Patricks Day when my phone rang and fear immediately set in as I heard the words on the other line, “Cailen, your sister had a stroke tonight.” The words were numbing, adrenal started to rush through my blood stream. All I […]

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Conquering Fear

I remember sitting with my eyes glued to the tv sitting in a split, in awe of Betty Okimo a 1992 Olympic gymnast telling myself at 10 years old “I want to be an Olympic gymnast one day!” It was that day I learned what determination and […]

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