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I’m ticked off with Lyme’s Disease


That’s right i’m ticked off with Lyme’s Disease. My nephew suffers from Lyme’s disease. Here’s a kid that was not able to have a normal childhood because the devastating effects that Lyme’s disease caused. He had no social life because Lyme’s disease completely shuts down your system. Not only was this hard on my nephew it financially, physically and emotionally affected my sister and her husband. Many tired nights of restless sleep, anxiety and many doctors visits with no answers. Lyme’s disease is a very complex condition that can mimic other diseases like MS, and Fibromyalgia. Lyme’s disease can be a daunting health problem to combat. It is happening in epidemic proportions. My nephew lives in Michigan, a higher risk state to contract the disease because of the infestation of ticks.

Here’s what happens.


Some cases of Lyme’s are multi-faceted and associate with the bacteria Babesia (GOOGLE it). Babesia is a bear to combat. Here’s how you contract Babesia. Picture this, mice run through the woods and do their business and then a tick comes along and jumps on the feces of mice, then the tick bites the deer running around in the woods and now the deer carries the bacteria. Then gets contracted to the human that are hunting or playing in the woods. Now both lyme and Babesia enter the body.



Do you suffer from cycles of acne that comes and go?

Do you suffer from extreme exhaustion, and fatigue?

Do you suffer from severe episodes of sinusitis? coughing? congestion?

Lyme’s disease can mimic other diseases like MS. Signs include extreme fatigue, acne, rapid heart beat, respiratory issues, and constipation..the bacteria will reside deep into the tissues and will ADAPT to the environment. The bacteria loves a weakened system. For example, if the bacteria loves the colon, it will ADAPT and take over. So if it takes over the colon the symptom is constipation. The bacteria are smart, they don’t want to be excreted out, they LOVE to live in that environment, so they shut down the function of the colon to stay and live there as long as they can and not be excreted out. This is just one example of an organ part that is affected.

There can be several co-infections with lyme disease like the Babesia and they won’t show up in blood work. If you can look at live blood under the microscope and can capture the bacteria they look like cork screws. Doing a kill off will pull the bacteria out of deep places like muscle tissue, and they will float in blood because they have been excreted to the blood stream to be circulated out to the lymphatic system and be excreted out of the body.

Cats claw and wormwood can help with a kill off. But it’s a very delicate process. They live in cycles and doing a complete kill off is not always the best approach. Think about this, if you attempt a complete kill off all at once it bombards your liver, or heart, or whichever organ they are living in and can put extreme stress on that organ. Going about this kill off in segments is more beneficial to the body. I never said this was going to be an easy process…

Here’s my take, my nephew falls into the category of this new generation of people that are sick very sick and no one can find the answers to help them. Nothing shows up on blood work, all tests are negative and they are told, “it is just in their head” or “they just have to live with it.”  This generation is the generation that unfortunately was first exposed to the high forms of radiation to foods, more exposure to GMO’s, mass production of packaged foods,multiple rounds of anti-biotics as a child, and the high dosages of vaccines exposed to as a child. They suffer with unhealthy guts, and all have a lowered immune system and nerve system dysfunction. The body simply has nothing left to fight with.

There’s more to the story….

What I have found with the handful of cases that have come to see me for help is that almost every single one of them have had an unresolved trauma that has happened to them prior to contracting the virus/bacteria. When you have an unresolved trauma that has happened to the upper part of your neck the Atlas/Axis bones in your neck it causes the nerve system to not function optimally. When the nerve system does not function optimally it directly affects the immune system. So when you contract the virus/bacteria you have nothing to fight with and your immune system can no longer fight that virus or bacteria off and you contract the disease.

Two sisters contract the virus why does one sister contract Lyme’s and the other sister doesn’t? One sister had a stronger nerve and immune system that was able to fight the virus off. Just changing your diet, or taking supplements or medication is not going to fix or address the problem. You need to have a healthy functioning nerve system without it you have no chance to build your immune system strong again. Period!

If you know of anyone suffering from Lyme’s Disease, you owe it to them to tell them to get their nerve system checked by a doctor that is trained using infrared thermography and upper cervical chiropractic. It is my wish that the suffering of my nephew was a lesson so more can be helped. Get hope, live life beyond pain!

-Dr. Wells

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