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Grand Opening

My sister and I at my Grand Opening of The Specific Chiropractic Center

I remember vividly, it was St. Patricks Day when my phone rang and fear immediately set in as I heard the words on the other line, “Cailen, your sister had a stroke tonight.” The words were numbing, adrenal started to rush through my blood stream. All I could think about was, this can’t be happening again, I can’t lose another person that is close to me, she’s all I have left.

If you listen to any of my public speaking you would think I am against medication. The truth is some medications save lives, I do think that medication is over used and abused. But the t-PA drug saved my sisters life. You see my sister suffered from a stroke that morning and lost temporary control to her entire right side. She had a hole in her heart from birth and with the mixture of smoking and birth control it was the perfect concoction for a blood clot to form. After my mom had passed when I was 16, there was a huge hole in my own heart of loss, and abandonment. It wasn’t until I became close to my sister that hole filled again. It’s interesting how the storms of life at the time seemed so unpredictable and unfair, but in the end it has a purpose that moves us outside of our comfort zone and into our miracle zone.

She quit cold turkey that day smoking and hasn’t had a puff since. This story is far too common these days, and I want to share with you and ingrain in your head FAST, for it is the 4 things to look for to determine if someone is having a stroke. I’m so grateful she is here today with no side effects from the stroke. When I get to see her I make sure that her nerve system is checked and working optimally.  (Another reason why Upper Cervical Care does not involve rotation of the neck and tends to use less force than traditional neck adjusting, likely making it even safer than traditional methods.)






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