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Conquering Fear

I remember sitting with my eyes glued to the tv sitting in a split, in awe of Betty Okimo a 1992 Olympic gymnast telling myself at 10 years old “I want to be an Olympic gymnast one day!” It was that day I learned what determination and drive really was. Everyone always tells me wow I wish I had your drive, or what motivates you, you are always accomplishing one task and then moving onto another task to accomplish, how do you do it? From the age of 10 years old to the age of 15 years old I learned what DEDICATION was. My mom would drive me over an hour 4 days a week one way for me to train 4 hours at gymnastics center then turn around and drive back just in time to take a quick shower and head to bed for school the next day. School football games, dances and passing do you like me yes or no notes to boys was not part of my childhood. Often times I look back at my childhood and think, hmm did I miss something? I didn’t miss anything, I wouldn’t have changed one minute of my childhood. If it wasn’t for that experience I know I wouldn’t be where i’m at today. My mother instilled in me a gift I didn’t know at the time, but a gift I would need 20 years later. She gave me the gift of knowing what it takes to fulfill your life purpose. Some people live their entire lives never knowing their true purpose. In fact, some people are scared to find it. I found it at 16 years old. But more importantly then just knowing what your life purpose is, is knowing what it takes to fulfill it. It takes work, dedication and passion. My days are jammed packed, and you can ask anyone and they might say I don’t know how she does it. The truth is I don’t fatigue, because I’m truly doing what I love to do. Helping sick people get well and stay well with Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

When you are disconnected spiritually, emotionally and or physically you fatigue. It’s not that you’re not smart enough, or you lack anything, you just have a disconnect. When there is a disconnect between your brain and the rest of the body you will not function at your full potential. Think about it, if you are talking on your cell phone and the message gets scrambled to the other line houston we have a problem. The same plays true in your body. What if the heart isn’t getting a message from the brain at 100%, well it’s either going to beat slower or faster. I don’t know about you, but I want the message to my heart to beat 100% 24/7!

The 3 keys to working through a dis-connect are:

1. ASK. First get still and ASK what is the next right move? Often times we don’t ASK for what we want or should be doing enough. When was the last time you ASKED for anything? Yes, it’s ok to ASK.

2. Get Checked yes get your nerve system checked by a doctor that is trained to check it properly. You can’t function if your wired and tired all the time and running on pure adrenal. The nerve system has two sides a parasympathetic side that slows down your racing heart (anxiety, high blood pressure victims) and a sympathetic side for all you lazy, unmotivated people that just can’t seem to get out of the rut.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. What truly is the worst that could happen? Yes it might feel uncomfortable the first few times but it will get easier I promise. Stop the mundane lifestyle of always doing the same things over and over. Be adventurous, try something new, pay it forward, when you let go and just do the things you love, you will find you just might find your true passion.

P.S. My former gymnastics coach wrote this book on Conquering Fear. It’s one I revert back to often.2_13_15_Moore_inspires_others_to_conquer_2589280000_13270484_ver1.0_640_480

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