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A Small Love Story

I am going to tell you a love story. Since I was very young, all I wanted to do was to be a collegiate gymnast. I spent thousands of hours in the gym alone, perfecting my handstands and practicing flipping upside down. I exerted all the energy of my life as a gymnast to be good enough to get a scholarship pole -vaulting at the collegiate level and have my undergrad schooling paid for. I found myself emotionally bound to this sport that could make me feel invincible powerful and strong. The sound of the pole hitting the planting box and bending and the smell of the track, the deep, short thud echoing off the tracks, they made my heart skip and gave me thrilled goose bumps. I adored the smell of sweaty track shoes, as familiar as an old friend as I ran my fingers over the spikes, worn and used. I lived for the feeling I had after a hard fought win over an opponent that challenged us, or may have even been a better vaulter in general, knowing that my teammates and I worked together to come out on top. I had many victories, feelings of joy, many defeats, and temporary misery. To this day I hold numerous different records and was a top MAC CHAMP record holder. The love came to an end. You are only allowed to play four years of a collegiate sport. Upon graduation, I had a bachelor’s degree that I had no idea what to do with, and a love that was broken but I didn’t quit. I furthered my education by getting a special advanced degree in a little-know procedure called upper cervical specific chiropractic. I now have my doctorate in chiropractic and I currently coach Pole Vault at Emory University. This past month I had the opportunity for the 2004 Pole Vault Olympic Gold Medalist sign my college jersey. Now, I’ve found a new and more genuine love working with people to empower them to reach their highest potential and truly soar to new heights. Now my favorite feeling is delivering that first adjustment and knowing that the athlete will perform, recover and perhaps win the next competition simply because their body can function at a higher level once given an upper cervical adjustment. I live for the sound of joy from the stories of their lives and how they’re able to do the things they love again, and the miracles they experience that they never thought possible. A new love story. A forever love story. This is a forever love story. I am lucky enough to find my true purpose: there is no better feeling than watching someone sick get well. Please spread the word of love. If someone you know is dealing with a chronic health issue, I would love to help them regain their life. For the month of August we are checking kids to ensure their nervous system is checked before the start of school.

P.S.  I coach Pole Vault Atlanta at Emory Track and Field. I also enjoy hosting workshops on my most sought after workshop The Gym Bag Makeover class to local gyms, gymnastics facilities and crossfit boxes. Call 678-805-7344 to reserve your next class.

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