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What every working woman should know…

The top 5 things every business woman / working woman and entrepreneur should know when it comes to dating or just plain marriage:

1. Making more money doesn’t mean you’re too intimidating. A man just wants to feel like he can be the provider so let him be in other areas of your life
2. Your smarter then he is. Well maybe… Haha but come on be realistic we all have our strengths and weaknesses on certain topics
3. No time. You have to make time for him, even if it means doing something you don’t want to do and putting down the work for the evening
4. Find some girlfriends- just because you are surrounded by men at work and can dominate a meeting doesn’t mean you have to hang with the guys after hours too, men like when there is a girls night because this means he gets to have a guy’s night.
5. Praise- he needs to know you care and you acknowledge his efforts. Yes you don’t get all the praise all the time, suck it up even though you might not think he earned it!

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