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In a city of 6.1 million people…. 1 million Chiropractors (or so it seems)…the #1 question asked is, “Why would you leave the beach to come to the city?”  That’s right I left the beach 6 months ago, to start all over in the city. The past 5 years of my life I owned an established practice helping sick people overcome physical set-backs in a small fishing town of St. Mary’s Georgia.

It almost feels like a scene from Sex In The City- go spread your wings, go make some new girlfriends, shop till you drop and meet the love of your life. But realty is, I came here to break free, break free from the chains that bound me from spreading my wings. I think very few people actually do it, take the plunge and do what it takes to truly be happy. So many people are robotic and simply unhappy.

I invite you to join me on the journey to writing my first book, an inspirational story that just might change the way you live your life from this day forward, the way you raise your children, and how you view your career and relationships. When everyone seems to be meeting you where you are, join me because I am more concerned about where you’re going then meeting you where you are at currently.

Chapter 1: This is the story of a little girl with a big heart, that was faced with big challenges. That little girl is me, my name is Cailen Wells and this is my life story. Sixteen years ago, something happened to me that changed my life forever…City

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