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Hey Pole Vaulters, Learn The Top 3 Ways to Avoid Shin Splints Here

Hey Pole Vaulters,

Tired of icing, stretching, buying new shoes, taping, and the pain of shin splints doesn’t go away? As a former collegiate vaulter and competitive gymnast shin splints and calf pain were a constant hinderance to my performance. I had tried everything, bought the latest and greatest and still nothing helped me. I learned over the years that the problem hardly ever exists where the pain is. What I have found is that most problems in the calves, ankles, knees and shins typically stems from a problem with immobility in the tissue. I encourage you to check out and sign up for my Free 5 -Minute Survival Guide. This guide will show you how to smash it, floss it, roll it and strip fibrous tissue that has been building up from lack of proper warm up and cool down. If you don’t do the necessary steps to prevent the fibrous tissue from building, inflammation sets in and it is a bear to combat, you will be spinning your wheels for months and never fully heal or fix the problem. Severe cases may also benefit from Rolfing.

Here’s the thing we live in a world where we are huge plantar flexers, this means we probably walked on our toes as a child and this caused tension to build in our calf muscles and now they are so tight and locked up that we have went the opposite direction and now we can hardly point our toes and we are stuck in dorsiflexion. Think about it all night long you sleep under the covers where the covers are pressing your toes into a plantar flexion causing more tension in the calf muscles then we wake up and jump out of bed and don’t stretch, then we are on our feet all day, go to workout and are pounding our legs on the track causing more inflammation to set in. So all the ice in the world, stem, and other modalities won’t help a chronic condition until the cause is addressed.

Might I also mention the work I do with the Upper Cervical Spine sets the stage for balance in the body and allows function to restore to the body. If your 10-12 lb head is off center of the spine, this will cause imbalance to the rest of your body and will 100% cause tension in your calves. You can check out more about the work I do on Facebook at The Specific Chiropractic Center Atlanta or



P.S. Set A High Bar, AND When It’s Reached Set It Higher! Keep Calm and Vault On!IMG_5355product935399_528861995753_1849550303_n

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