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HSPU’S ROSA PARK MOMENT 15.4 Crossfit Open

XfitDoc-41I feel like I just had a Rosa Park Moment when watching 15.4 being announced. Much controversy weighs on the dreaded movement HSPU in the Crossfit world. An article that hit home to me was The 7 Reasons To Get Stronger Instead Of Doing a HSPU by TMF a few years back because the work I do directly relates to the Upper Cervical Spine. I was blessed to have met BadKat a few months back when she came to me with a debilitating neck injury and that’s the Rosa Park moment I knew I had to tell her and many other Crossfitters/Gymnasts/Athletes why unresolved trauma to the upper neck will not allow the proper healing to take place if left uncorrected and why all the therapies/ modalities in the world may have failed them or just simply may have just been temporary relief. It’s important to note that with Specific Chiropractic it’s not about getting adjusted or even receiving adjustments; it’s about living a life free of nerve interference by removing nerve irritation to restore communication between the brain and the body. This announcement couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I feel lt is my obligation to be the voice so people understand what possibly be healthcare’s BEST KEPT SECRET. I stand for a world where health and prosperity are fundamental truths and not pursuits. I provide functional movers the necessary essentials to restore function and allow the body to heal to it’s full potential. P.S. So doc? you crossfit are you saying you don’t like HSPUs? Stay tuned to see if I RX or Scale! -TheXFitDoc P.S.S Kathy Ljubicic keep rockin we have much love for you!

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