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My Version of a Couplet

My Version of a Couplet:

You know that moment when you are talking to someone and they ask you, so what do you do for a living? For the majority of people, its’ a simple answer oh I’m a chef for the Ritz, or I do contract work, I am a school teacher… For me if someone asks me that question, you will not hear I’m a CHIROPRACTOR? I’m sure your thinking why wouldn’t you tell people what you do? Are you ashamed of what you do? The reason I don’t answer I’m a Chiropractor is because I get the same response everytime and that’s “OH…Chiropractors don’t like Crossfit. When that’s not my opinion at all. I love Crossfit, in fact I think it’s great for the body. I help athletes get back to the box, gym, court or field after an unresolved injury has taken place. Our bodies were make to be built like machines to sustain strength and flexibility. If you don’t move it you lose. It’s quite interesting because I have also found that I get the same answer when I tell someone that doesn’t Crossfit, that I’m a Crossfitter. I get OH…I don’t like Crossfit. Crossfit is dangerous and bad for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. I invite you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get some great tips for this upcoming Crossfit Open 2015. Check out TheXFitDoc on your favorite social media!



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