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Four Exercises Your Low Back is Better Without

There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons of exercises; some is even well thought out.

Well here is some more – this time about exercises for the lower back and this comes from both sides! Yes I can speak from personal experience and as a chiropractor treating low back pain.

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If you have information that will be taken as controversial, but has pretty much been proven correct, do you tell everyone the dirty little secret? Or do you stay silent because you don’t want to piss people off?

I have debated writing this article for a while. Should I do it? Should I not do it? I’m doing it. I feel like it will allow people to have informed consent about what they do in a gym. Sure, maybe less people will “like” my page, but that doesn’t matter to me as much as presenting the best information that is out there and helping people live life to the fullest (aka not hurting).

People will take this information in one of two ways: As a personal attack and get pissed and argue about it OR as a learning opportunity. I ate a big piece of humble pie when I learned it… had a serious come to Jesus moment.

I have lived personally what I am about to tell you guys. I have been doing crossfit since 2007 almost exclusively. I like crossfit. I think crossfit is about taking the best components of many different areas of exercise/movement/lifting and putting them into one program. If a movement isn’t beneficial/has unnecessary risk of injury, it doesn’t mean I dislike CROSSFIT because of it, it means I don’t like that particular exercise/movement and crossfit as a methodology would be better without it. I hope that makes sense.

This article is about your low back and repetitive low back rounding exercises. Sit-ups, GHD sit-ups, toes to bar, and knees to elbow.

Now, I am not some joe schmoe whining about some crap. I do crossfit, I treat people with low back pain, and MOST importantly for this article, I have lived this. I know what it’s like to wake up with low back pain every day for a year (and I was a decent crossfitter before having exercise-limiting-back-pain for 18 months…My grace was 2:29, Isabel 2:50, fran 3:17, max DL: 450, max BS: 350, mile: 5:59).

Nothing is the same as living through something yourself. Reading a book about low back pain doesn’t even come close to living it and seeing it through.


I expect some backlash and criticism because of this article and that is fine. You should definitely challenge what you read. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean its true! So let me just end with a few things.

  • Why do most people do crossfit? Why do people exercise? To feel better, to get stronger, etc. Injuring low backs does not help to achieve that goal.
  • The military has been taught to not have their people do sit-ups anymore because so many people’s backs are getting jacked up. It is unfortunate this hasn’t been fully implemented yet.
  • I am not criticizing crossfit methodology with this article. I want to encourage the implementation of it, which has ALWAYS been to get rid of the garbage and keep the good stuff. It is time to follow the methodology of constant refinement.
  • I see crossfit patients all day long that are suffering from low back pain and all I do is take out the repetitive low back rounding exercises and they get better. Proof is in the pudding. “GHDs make my back hurt”. Ever heard that?
  • If you want to help the longevity of crossfit, the awesomeness of crossfit, the improvement of crossfit, please join me in not programming these movements and not putting them in competitions.
  • If you are a competitor, it’s inevitable that there will be competitions with these movements in them. This goes back to the idea of training versus competing. If you want to be decent at the movements, you will have to train them to a degree. The goal would be to do as few as possible to make sure you can perform them competently in a competition.


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